Facts about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natrual state


Hypnosis is your God given power to convince yourself of anything – good or bad  (think free will). 

A hypnotist is simply a coach who has received unique training giving them a skill with words to help you convince yourself of ideas that serve your health, happiness and well-being.  Clinical evidence absolutely attests to this definition.


Is hypnosis dangerous??




Absolutely not! Hypnosis is not the least bit dangerous. It is not mind control or brainwashing like Hollywood would have us believe. A hypnotist cannot make a person do something against their moral, personal, or religious values or beliefs.  Hypnosis is just not widely understood, and we as humans are inherently scared of what we do not fully understand.


There are some hypnosis sessions that can bring up repressed memories, or traumatic times in your life.  This would be the case in Age Regression, Past Life Experience, or in some pain and trauma sessions.  While these sessions do not cause any physical harm, they do have the power to cause a very real emotional response and will vary between clients.



David Cheek, M.D., writes: "We can do more harm with ignorance of hypnotism than we could ever do by using hypnosis and suggestion constructively"


Andre M. Weitzenhoffer, Ph.D., states: "As far as it is known today, hypnosis, per se, is no more dangerous than natural sleep. There is no evidence that hypnosis in itself weakens the will, damages the nervous system or in any way adversely affects the physical or mental well being of individuals."

I don’t want you to make me cluck like a chicken!


I have clients tell me this all the time! 

Don't worry, that is only something that is done during Stage Hypnosis, and is only done for entertainment. Stage shows are routinely performed at comedy clubs, theaters, high schools, colleges, corporate events and fund raisers.

The purpose of a stage hypnosis show is not to educate the audience about hypnosis, it is used purely for entertainment.  A stage hypnotist uses the same tools that he would in a clinical setting, with the added flair that is needed to deliver the desired entertainment value.



Interested in a stage performance for your event or fund raiser?  Contact us for more information.

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