Ready to become a non-smoker?

Hypnotism is a safe and very effective method for helping people to become non-smokers. 

Quitting smoking is never impossible.

That is the kind of mentality that you need to have and with the help of hypnotism you can achieve it. Clients who enroll in my program are successful at becoming non-smokers for the rest of their life after just one session. I focus on giving you a positive mental attitude towards quitting, while helping you to set and achieve goals that will not only help you along your journey to become smoke free, but also to help you overcome other challenges that life may throw your way.



Here are some short-term health benefits after you have stopped your smoking addiction:

• Within 20 minutes after your last puff, your blood pressure goes down, your pulse rate stops from racing, your body temperature goes back to normal.

• Within 8 hours after your last cigarette puff, your blood has begun to circulate better because the levels of carbon monoxide have decreased drastically.

• Within 24 hours of your last puff, your chances of getting a heart attack and stroke have decreased because your entire system has begun repairing itself.

• Within 48 hours of your last puff, your body’s cells have begun regenerating and your immune system will begin functioning better.

• Within a few weeks after your last puff, your lungs function almost normally again. Your risk of getting all sorts of cancer reduces by 20% now. Your phlegm production decreases and your breathing will be normal.



My friend tried hypnosis to quit smoking and it didn't work.

There is more to changing a serious habit like smoking than just a few hypnotic suggestions, I'm afraid. In the simplest terms, the person must want the change, and they must have a replacement for smoking. Hypnosis can be used to find a healthy, effective replacement, and then it can be used to help flip the subconscious over to the new, healthy habits.

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